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Auto glass replacement

Auto Glass has come a long way since the invention of the automobile. In the beginning of the automobile era, there was no auto glass to speak of. Automobiles were driven with no windshield, no side auto glass, and no back auto glass. That's right, original automobiles were completely open to the elements. It has been many decades since the first automobiles were created, and the creation of auto glass in automobiles is by far one of the best enhancements made over time.

There are two distinct types of auto glass; laminated auto glass and tempered auto glass. Each of these types of auto glass have different uses in the automobile, both however are used for the safety of all passengers in the automobile.

Laminated auto glass is most commonly used in the windshield of the automobile. The windshield is a key safety component in automobiles, which is why laminated auto glass is used. Laminated auto glass is made by a process that bonds two layers of glass and a layer of plastic lamination. The lamination process enables the auto glass to remain intact when the glass is struck with enough force even when it is broken. A laminated auto glass will crack instead of shattering when it breaks, providing the utmost safety for those riding in the front seat of the car.

Tempered auto glass is used for your side auto glass, and back auto glass. Tempered auto glass is very strong and is thermally heated in its production to provide that extra strength. Tempered auto glass is used in automobiles for safety of the persons riding in the vehicle. When tempered glass breaks, it breaks into tiny uniform pieces with no jagged edges that could potentially harm someone.

At TeleGlass we take auto glass very seriously. It is our mission to make sure that a safe auto glass replacement can occur for all our customers. We perform thousands of auto glass replacements every year across the United States. In fact, our auto glass providers will service your vehicle where it is convenient for you. Whether you have your auto glass replaced at your home, place of work, or at one of our providers, out highly experienced technicians are fully equipped with all the tools and parts needed for any auto glass replacement, windshield replacement, or windshield repair service job.